Hi, I'm Toby

More info about myself

Possibly my best (or perhaps worst) feature is that I'm permanently dissatisfied with my very own expertise.

This could be why I have actually shown a particular ability for maths and physics. Merely recognizing is never adequate for me; I have to minimum try to carefully understand the reasoning behind the mathematics I do, and afterwards, take my expertise to its limits. Profusely asking why something is the way it is, perhaps to the aggravation of my lecturers, is something I'm forced to do. I, in addition to many others, find this Socratic approach of understanding as well as training to be unbelievably beneficial in constructing an essential understanding of mathematics and physics from basic principles, as well as I endeavour to enlighten in specifically this manner.

I wish I can encourage students with my intense love of mathematics and physics or, at the minimum, reveal the subjects as far much less overwhelming compared to they appear. Naturally not every person is a mathematician, as well as different minds find out at various paces, nevertheless I will aim to leave a lasting and beneficial perception.